SPIC is specialized in the design and construction of equipments for prefabrication, production on site and launching of decks for railway and road bridges and viaducts.

Decks for bridges and viaducts, rail and road

SPIC is a highly specialized entity that operates in the field of construction of decks for bridges and viaducts, both road and rail, and has two different business segments:


Design and construction of equipmens for the prefabrication and launch of reinforced concrete decks


Construction on site of decks, both in concrete and in steel

The company is a supplier and partner of leading general construction companies, with global assistance and support, from the tender phase to the final testing of the works. A highly experienced technical staff equipped with continuously updated and cutting-edge information tools and calculation programs, combined with a fleet of proprietary machines allows a complete value proposition to the Customer in terms of service, rapid and precise in the answers and in the action on the field and competitive in terms of activation times and execution of the works.

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