Industrial assembly

The organizational capacity of SPIC combined with the personnel and the means give the company a rare operational capacity in the field of assembly of large works.

Organization, personnel and means

The assembly of structures and plants of large industrial structures, such as steel mills, aeronautical production sites, etc., require the ability to mobilize and organize the activities of large numbers of people and operational means who have to act in confined spaces and in very short times.

The organizational structure of SPIC, made up of people with great experience gained in complex and difficult contexts, guarantees the Customer an interlocutor capable of following the natural dynamics of acceleration and change of direction that often occurs during the operational phases.

In this context, SPIC manages to mobilize a considerable amount of its own specialized personnel, as well as a large variety of operating equipments, such as cranes, transport handling systems, mobile and temporary covered structures for assembly, etc.

Industrial assembly
Construction and assembly of large industrial structures
SPIC has the experience and the means