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SPIC is specialised in the design and construction of prefabrication, construction and launching machines and systems and in the construction and installation of decks for rail and road bridges and viaducts.


The experience of SPIC: prefabrication in reinforced concrete of beams and caissons, segments, castings in situ, launch of segments and beams, launch of steel decks.

Prefabrication in concrete

Castings in place

Mixed structures

Assembly and erection of steel decks

Industrial assembly

Deconstructions and demolitions

Maintenance, restoration and structural adjustments

SPIC in figures

The revenues and the significant and continuous presence abroad are the result of the work of an organized, specialized and loyal team.

28 MEuro
Revenues 2021
4 Executives
63 Contract and Technical Managers
8 Administration
320 Workers

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Italy, Europe, Africa, Asia

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Projects of various sizes and complexity, carried out with dedication and orientation to respect the time schedule and the safety of the workers involved in the construction, using the most innovative techniques and tools that the market makes available.

Complex or large works
That we optimize in terms of production and economic times