Mixed structures

Mixed structures consisting of lateral steel beams and upper and lower concrete slabs are very suitable in inaccessible areas.

The solution for harsh environments.

An optimal solution to operate in inaccessible areas, with very high piles and difficulty in accessing construction areas, is constituted by mixed decks.

The deck structure consists of two lateral steel beams, a lower slab and an upper concrete slab.

The great advantage of this technique is constituted by the fact that the construction can be carried out with low capacity cranes and very high piles, covering spans that can reach 125 m of span.

The speed of execution is guaranteed by the fact that it is possible to operate on many fronts simultaneously.

In this methodology, the post-tensioning technique that allows the union of the single segments in a first phase and the connection of the entire span in the second phase, plays a fundamental role.

SPIC perfectly masters this construction technique, as evidenced by the accumulated references.

Mixed structures
Complex or large works
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