Beam decks: a simple and fast solution that SPIC dominates perfectly.

Decks with beams

The construction of a deck, both for a bridge and for a viaduct, with a load-bearing structure in prestressed prefabricated beams allows the structure to be built quickly, exploiting the flexibility given by the possibility of producing the beams both in normal prefabrication plants, when these are short distance from the site where you have to operate, both to produce the beams in a dedicated plant, with limited cost, as frequently happens in the case of large works or when you are in areas not covered by existing prefabrication plants.

The latter case is typical of Algeria, where SPIC has been operating continuously for many years and where, several times, it has built prefabrication plants dedicated to a single project, complete plants with sheds with overhead crane, gantry cranes, formworks and concrete production.

Prefabrication in concrete
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