La costruzione dell'opera in componenti di lunghezza ridotta
consente di operare su tracciati curvilinei e di grande luce.
La prefabbricazione dei conci e la postensione
garantiscono velocità di esecuzione
e controllo totale e continuo
dell'opera realizzata.

Conci Decks - Fast and Flexible Solution


SPIC has a large number of references in the construction of segmented decks, in the two construction options (full span or cantilever and span by span).

This type of construction allows the following advantages.

  • Reduce the overall construction time of the project, as the segments are prefabricated before their installation in the final position
  • Create curved or sloping paths
  • Obtain solid and durable works, thanks to the post-tension inserted inside the elements that connect them to each other and to the piles.
  • Possibility of carrying out the work in very difficult access areas as through an assembly carried out with dedicated equipment (launching girder)

SPIC owns a large amount of equipment both for the prefabrication of the segments and for their installation, equipment designed and manufactured by SPIC and which can be easily adapted case by case to the specific needs of the work, with a start-up time very limited for production compared to the date of the order and with limited costs for the adaptation of the equipment.

Prefabrication in concrete
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