Castings in place

SPIC operates in different situations, from the construction of special foundations, partitions, large elevated structures such as piers and tanks, for example, to the construction of decks for bridges and viaducts.

Skills and competences

SPIC has the skills, organization and equipment to develop all the activities related to the process of construction of structures made with casting on site and typically:

  • construction design
  • topographic control
  • preparation of all auxiliary site structures
  • construction of roads and auxiliary structures for the construction of the work
  • provision of proprietary equipment such as formworks, cranes, lifting and handling systems, auxiliary equipment
  • management of concrete production
  • prefabrication of reinforcement reinforcements
  • castings
  • realization of post tensioning and stay systems, with stringing and control
  • realization of provisional and definitive support systems
  • realization of finishing works, such as rainwater collection and transport systems, installation of temporary and definitive barriers
Castings in place
Complex or large castings
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