Viaducts in segments – East West EI Affroun – Hocenia motorway

Algeria, Autoroute Est-Ovest El Afraoun - Hoceina
Motorway Viaduct

2166 m
80 m
Balanced Cantilever

A strategic work in which SPIC played a fundamental role

The "East West" highway that crosses the north of Algeria is a strategic work for the country.

SPIC has been present in the area for many years and with the organization and the machines it has on site it has built two viaducts for this work, one for the Algerian company ENGOA and one for the Italian company CMC.

The total surface realized by SPIC is approximately 47,200 m2, with a maximum span between the piers of 80 m, for a deck width of 15.7 + 15.7 m and 15.3 + 15.3 m.

In this situation, SPIC supplied all the equipment for the prefabrication, transport and launching, carried out the prefabrication of the segments, the transport of the same and the launch.

The prefabrication was developed in two separate sites, designed, built and dismantled by SPIC.


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