Deconstruction of viaducts Sfalassà, Oliveto and Angelo, Feliciusu – Salerno Reggio Calabria

Italy, Sicily
Motorway Viaduct

4560 m
40 m
Deconstructions and demolitions

Deconstruction of prefabricated beam viaducts

For the deconstruction of these viaducts in prefabricated beams consisting of 68 spans of 40 m of span, SPIC provided, for hire, specific equipment and provided all the technical assistance and supervision of the works that the Customer has carried out following the method conceived and designed by SPIC itself.

The intervention was developed for 20 spans in the access viaduct to the Sfalassà viaduct, 68 spans for the Feliciusu viaduct and 26 spans for the Oliveto and Angelo viaduct, for a total of 114 spans of 40 m span.

Complex or large works
That we optimize in terms of production and cost