Deck slabs viaducts; High-speed line Milan – Venice. Section Pozzuolo M. – Treviglio

Italy, Treviglio (BG)
High Speed ​​Railway Path

1155 m
Casting in place
35 m
Getto in opera con casseri a mensola

High Speed ​​Milan - Venice Line. Treviglio Brescia section.

Execution of the structural concrete slab and of the transoms for the railway viaducts of the project.

In these works, the casting of the slab was made with the use of a formwork mounted on the edge beams by means of metal shelves.

This solution avoids the use of prefabricated predalles, which would act as a disposable formwork.

Compared to the solution with the predalles, the execution with the formwork guarantees a higher quality of the finish of the slab, with positive effects on the durability of the work.

Furthermore, this solution simplifies the work to be carried out such as the assembly of the reinforcement iron of the slab, eliminating interference with the trusses of the predalles.

The self-leveling formwork designed and built by SPIC also allows you to work safely on the crossbeams during the realization of the transverse prestress.

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