WHSD – Saint Petersburg Ring

Motorway Viaduct

2580 m
Mixed structure
168 m
Incremental launching. Heavy Lifting

An incremental launching of 168 m of free span

The access of ships from the sea to the port required, before the construction of the viaduct, the interruption of the road system and the lifting of the movable bridges, an activity that was carried out at night.

The connection between North and South, in the western part of the city, was created to allow the free passage of ships, thus completing the eastern part of the road ring that surrounds the city.

In this context, SPIC carried out two of the eleven sections of the Main Contractor's project, ICA (ICTAS and Astaldi S.p.A.) in terms of:

  • analysis of production processes and ground assembly
  • analysis of production and assembly processes and incremental launching
  • assembly and disassembly of the auxiliary structures to carry out the launching at height (20'900 tons)
  • assembly and incremental launch of the two sections of the viaduct (39,600 tons; 55,000 m2 of deck)

Section 2, also called "Double Deck", has a length of 1 km, with a maximum span of 168 m (20'100 tons of permanent structures and 15'000 tons of auxiliary structures)

Section 3, also called "Yard 1" has a length of 1.6 km, with a maximum span of 126 m (19'500 tons of permanent structures and 5'900 tons of auxiliary structures)

The realization required:

  • 45 technicians and supervisors
  • up to 850 people working on site

The work was carried out between 2014 and 2016, in a total of 26 months of which 18 of activities on site.

SPIC has created, in this work, one of the world's largest incremental launches: 168 m of free span.

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