Variant of Caltagirone – Licodia Eubea

Sicily. Functional excerpt “Caltagirone variant” Freeway Licodia Eubea – A19 PA-CT. In this context, SPIC built three viaducts in 17 months, with a total length of 2,750 m and a total surface area of ​​23,200 m2. The decks consist of two lateral steel beams and a concrete slab. SPIC carried out the assembly, transport and … Continued

Viaducts Salvia Scardinia – Syracuse – Gela motorway; Sicily

Span by span assembly and vacuum injections: construction speed and durability of the work Siracusa – Gela motorway; Ispica and Modica section Viaducts Scardina and Salvia The viaducts have a distance between the piers ranging from 47 to 54 m, a planimetric radius of curvature of 1000 m, a maximum transverse slope of 6.5% and … Continued

Deconstruction of viaducts Sfalassà, Oliveto and Angelo, Feliciusu – Salerno Reggio Calabria

Deconstruction of prefabricated beam viaducts For the deconstruction of these viaducts in prefabricated beams consisting of 68 spans of 40 m of span, SPIC provided, for hire, specific equipment and provided all the technical assistance and supervision of the works that the Customer has carried out following the method conceived and designed by SPIC itself. … Continued

Deconstruction of the Tanagro viaduct – Salerno Reggio Calabria

De-construction of deck and piers SPIC, following a methodology that it has studied itself, has developed the deconstruction of the deck with its own caravan, specially adapted to specific needs, and with its own equipment. Each part to be removed was bound to the caravan before being isolated from the rest of the deck by … Continued