Ponte Savena; Milan-Naples HS line Treats Bologna Florence

Reinforced concrete arch bridge The work consists of a concrete deck, built on site, supported by metal hangers attached to a reinforced concrete arch. The deck, which structurally is a continuous beam, was realised in an area next to the erection site, in three parts of about 20 m each and launched by pushing with … Continued

Piacenza Viaduct; Milan-Naples HS line Route Milan Bologna

Project Information The Piacenza 1 and Piacenza 2 viaducts are two of the main viaducts along the Milan-Naples High Speed ​​Railway Line, Milan-Bologna section, which winds for a length of about 182 km across the Po Valley, involving the provinces of Milan, Lodi, Piacenza, Parma, Reggio Emilia, Modena and Bologna. The viaducts, located in the … Continued

Santhià Viaduct; Turin-Venice HS line; From Turin to Milan

The main viaduct of the Turin-Milan high-speed railway line The Santhià viaduct is one of the main viaducts of the Turin-Milan High Speed ​​Railway Line. The viaduct has a total length of 3.8 km and is made up of 148 spans of 25 meters in length and 4 shorter spans of approximately 20 meters. Each … Continued

Viaducts Modena, High Speed ​​Line Milan Naples; Route Milan Bologna

High Speed ​​Railway Line The “Modena Viaduct System” consists of a series of railway viaducts with a total length of approximately 24 km and characterized by the “omega” shape of the decks. The typological deck is single-track, with lower runway and prestressed with post-tensioned cables; the shells, inside which the train passes, are designed to … Continued

Deck slabs viaducts; High-speed line Milan – Venice. Section Pozzuolo M. – Treviglio

High Speed ​​Milan – Venice Line. Treviglio Brescia section. Execution of the structural concrete slab and of the transoms for the railway viaducts of the project. In these works, the casting of the slab was made with the use of a formwork mounted on the edge beams by means of metal shelves. This solution avoids … Continued

Viaducts Volla 1 and Volla 2; HS Rome Naples line; Connection with the Mount Vesuvius line

From the Detailed Design to the Realization As part of the broader contract relating to the construction of the section of the railway network serving as a link between the Rome-Naples High Speed ​​line and the new Monte Vesuvio line, SPIC has developed the detailed design, the launch design and the construction and the launch … Continued