Gassino Bridge

Bridge over the river Po The bridge, built in a mixed structure, with lateral steel beams and upper and lower concrete slabs, spans the river Po, and was built on piles up to 15 m high, with spans of maximum span 92m. The deck is a continuous post-tensioned structure. The bridge was built operating on … Continued

Roccaprebalza viaduct – A15 Cisa motorway

A realization at a high altitude The viaduct, made of a mixed structure with lateral steel beams and upper and lower concrete slabs, has a maximum span between the piers of 125 m. The construction technique, which SPIC dominates perfectly, has allowed us to operate in a very inaccessible area and with piles up to … Continued

Variant of Caltagirone – Licodia Eubea

Sicily. Functional excerpt “Caltagirone variant” Freeway Licodia Eubea – A19 PA-CT. In this context, SPIC built three viaducts in 17 months, with a total length of 2,750 m and a total surface area of ​​23,200 m2. The decks consist of two lateral steel beams and a concrete slab. SPIC carried out the assembly, transport and … Continued

Viaduct over the Taro river – TiBre motorway (Tyrrhenian – Brenner)

Construction sites in parallel The work consists of two side-by-side viaducts, each approximately 2 km long, for a total of 39 spans with a maximum length of 100 m. The construction was carried out by operating in parallel on seven distinct positions, which made it possible to carry out the work in a very short … Continued

Bridge over the Arges River

Bridge in Romania: study of the method of assembly and supply of equipment For this work SPIC developed the study of the assembly method and the design and supply of equipment for the incremental launching.. The small spaces and the specificity of the very light structures required a very advanced study of the method and … Continued

WHSD – Saint Petersburg Ring

An incremental launching of 168 m of free span The access of ships from the sea to the port required, before the construction of the viaduct, the interruption of the road system and the lifting of the movable bridges, an activity that was carried out at night. The connection between North and South, in the … Continued