Brescia Metrobus; section Prealpino S.Eufemia

A slender, high-performance deck This viaduct represents the last stretch to the south-east of the Brescia underground and is composed of 55 piers and 6 abutments with a maximum span of 30m. The static scheme that has been used is that of a double-span beam, wedged on the central pile and simply resting on the … Continued

Bridge over the Serchio; SS12; Lucca

Arch bridge in steel structure and reinforced concrete deck Construction works for the connection to the state road 12 through the adaptation of the provincial road 2 Ludovica for the connection of the state road 12 with Borgo Amozzano on the right bank of the Serchio. The deck is structurally composed of a continuous beam … Continued

Ponte Savena; Milan-Naples HS line Treats Bologna Florence

Reinforced concrete arch bridge The work consists of a concrete deck, built on site, supported by metal hangers attached to a reinforced concrete arch. The deck, which structurally is a continuous beam, was realised in an area next to the erection site, in three parts of about 20 m each and launched by pushing with … Continued

Gassino Bridge

Bridge over the river Po The bridge, built in a mixed structure, with lateral steel beams and upper and lower concrete slabs, spans the river Po, and was built on piles up to 15 m high, with spans of maximum span 92m. The deck is a continuous post-tensioned structure. The bridge was built operating on … Continued

Roccaprebalza viaduct – A15 Cisa motorway

A realization at a high altitude The viaduct, made of a mixed structure with lateral steel beams and upper and lower concrete slabs, has a maximum span between the piers of 125 m. The construction technique, which SPIC dominates perfectly, has allowed us to operate in a very inaccessible area and with piles up to … Continued

Bridge over the Po in Piacenza

A construction in record time The work is a continuous steel structure, with a reticular beam and an orthotropic slab deck. The bridge is 810 m long, 14.5 m wide and is divided into 11 spans of variable span from 61 to 71 m. It can be fully inspected thanks to a service walkway that … Continued

Variant of Caltagirone – Licodia Eubea

Sicily. Functional excerpt “Caltagirone variant” Freeway Licodia Eubea – A19 PA-CT. In this context, SPIC built three viaducts in 17 months, with a total length of 2,750 m and a total surface area of ​​23,200 m2. The decks consist of two lateral steel beams and a concrete slab. SPIC carried out the assembly, transport and … Continued

Viaduct over the Taro river – TiBre motorway (Tyrrhenian – Brenner)

Construction sites in parallel The work consists of two side-by-side viaducts, each approximately 2 km long, for a total of 39 spans with a maximum length of 100 m. The construction was carried out by operating in parallel on seven distinct positions, which made it possible to carry out the work in a very short … Continued

Piacenza Viaduct; Milan-Naples HS line Route Milan Bologna

Project Information The Piacenza 1 and Piacenza 2 viaducts are two of the main viaducts along the Milan-Naples High Speed ​​Railway Line, Milan-Bologna section, which winds for a length of about 182 km across the Po Valley, involving the provinces of Milan, Lodi, Piacenza, Parma, Reggio Emilia, Modena and Bologna. The viaducts, located in the … Continued

Viaducts Modena, High Speed ​​Line Milan Naples; Route Milan Bologna

High Speed ​​Railway Line The “Modena Viaduct System” consists of a series of railway viaducts with a total length of approximately 24 km and characterized by the “omega” shape of the decks. The typological deck is single-track, with lower runway and prestressed with post-tensioned cables; the shells, inside which the train passes, are designed to … Continued